Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What types of photography do you do?

A: I do various styles, including:

  •  Weddings; 

  •  Headshots;

  •  Portraits;

  •  Group / family shoots;

  •  Product photography and;

  •  Stock photography.

Q: Have you got your own studio?

A: No. Depending on the needs of the shoot, I can use a plain wall as a background, or make use of the garden or local beach, weather dependant. It may be possible to hire a studio for the shoot / day. Depending on the type of shoot, this cost may be covered by me. All costings will be fully discussed before any contracts are signed.

Q: What is the surrounding environment like? Is it safe?

A: The studio is located in a safe location.


Q: Is there a dedicated changing room and access to toilet / bathroom?

A: There is no dedicated changing room – the model will have a solo use of the
studio space if & when needed.


Q: Do you work alone or with an assistant? And if yes, is it male or female and
what role will he / she be playing?

A: I usually work alone; if there is a specific need for an assistant, this will
be discussed prior your photo shoot.


Q: Will there be other people present during the photo shoot and if yes, who are

A: Usually there is no one else present, unless it has been discussed beforehand
that the photo session will involve other parties, like hair stylists, make-up
artists etc.


Q: Do you provide make-up artist / hair stylist?

A: No. But you are welcome to bring your own make-up artist / hair-stylist.


Q: How long will the average model portfolios photo shoot last?

A: It varies, depending on how many different looks you are after; but in any
case this will be discussed and agreed beforehand with the model.


Q: Is it OK to bring an escort / escorts? If yes, can it be anyone? And can they
stay during the shoot?

A: It is absolutely OK to bring an escort with you. This can be anybody you
trust, but I ask to limit the number to two persons max. They can stay during
the photo shoot, as long as they do not interrupt or get involved in any way. In
some cases I may ask them for some assistance (i.e. help me to change the


Q: Will I be asked to sign a model release or any other contracts / agreements?

A: I have three standard contracts that I use:

One is a TFP/TFCD contract & model release – this is used when the photo shoot
is conducted on TFP/TFCD basis;

The second one is a Commercial contract & model release, compensating the
photographer – this one is used when the model pays the photographer for the
services, i.e. a portfolio shoot;

And the third one is a Commercial contract & model release, compensating the
model – this one is used when the model is hired by the photographer; you will be asked to sign one of them, depending on the type of shoot.


Q: Do you do any post-processing?

A: Yes, I do some basic post processing, such as skin blemishes removal,
moderate skin smoothing, tone and colour adjustment, B&W conversion, cropping
and in some cases minor artistic editing (i.e. old photo effect etc.)

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